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15 August 2014 @ 10:09 pm
Icons #9—a batch of 25  
Here comes part 2 of 3 of my battle with the lovely universaldogma :) 24 of series 7, plus one Clara icon from the s8 trailer because too pretty—and I love the darker, more adult look of Clara on some parts. Claraaaaa.

I feel the need to apologize for #15 because I tried to make a complex icon, and I guess one must start somewhere. XD Besides, yeah. Enjoy! Comments are loved and treasured—do tell me your favourites, that's always interesting to know :D Credit if you take, blah blah blah. Thank you!

1) Better 3) Better 4) Better 5) Better 6) Better1-5

7) Better 8) Better 9) Better 10) Better 11) Black and white6-10

12) Better 13) Better 14) Better 15) Better 16) Squares11-15

17) Better 18) Better 19) Better 20) Better 21) Better16-20

22) Better 23) Better 24) Better 25) Better 2) Better21-25

And one alternate:

16) Initial crop

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Carol: DW the eleventh Doctor by universal dogmbluiidmommy on August 15th, 2014 08:55 pm (UTC)
I really love these. I'll be coming back later to snag some.
Azzie's corner of madness: Wilfflowsoffire on August 15th, 2014 09:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! :)
potentiality_26potentiality_26 on August 15th, 2014 11:55 pm (UTC)
These are beautiful. I especially love that first one of Amy and Rory.
Azzie's corner of madness: Bad Wolfflowsoffire on August 16th, 2014 06:08 am (UTC)
Thank you, I'm really glad you liked them! The first one especially, it took me forever to decide on a texture, haha ;)

Leen: whopony_express on August 16th, 2014 10:42 pm (UTC)
Azzie as a graphic com?! Following!!
Azzie's corner of madness: Victorianflowsoffire on August 17th, 2014 06:01 am (UTC)
Yesssss! :D It's fairly new, I used it for my last two batches or something… ;) Thank you, dear! :D ♥
Leen: whopony_express on August 17th, 2014 04:42 pm (UTC)
Yesssss! Go you! :D
Well, I like. I'm "watching" it. You're welcome! ♥ Here's to more post! :D
Azzie's corner of madness: Union Jackflowsoffire on August 17th, 2014 05:00 pm (UTC)
^_^ Thank you soooo much. The support means a lot! ♥ *hugssss*
Leen: whopony_express on August 17th, 2014 06:07 pm (UTC)
:D You're welcome! ♥
◦ a girl like me ◦scandalbaby on October 15th, 2014 12:09 am (UTC)
Lovely icons!
Azzie's corner of madness: Best year everflowsoffire on October 15th, 2014 06:53 am (UTC)
Thank you! :) I'm really glad that you liked them, it means a lot!