Icons #15—a bunch of 57

Ahum, hi? So basically I've had a bunch of icons lying around for months that I'd never gotten around to finishing, so I tweaked them a bit lately and here you go. ^_^ Most of these are from the Five era, with a few of late!Four (the Adric days, with Romana and Ainley!Master), a few from Husbands of River Song and a few of the delicious Bedelia du Maurier from Hannibal.

Feel free to snag and credit if so inclined :)

1 2 3 4 5 1 - 5

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Icons #14—a batch of 37

So a thing happened and I actually made icons FAST! *falls off chair* Ahem. This is my tribute to the Fourth Doctor era, with a bit of all companions :)

So. Iiiiiiiiiiiiicons! 20-21-22 are dedicated to Romana I, Queen Empress of White Fluff, because that level of fluffy was just begging for icons. (Another few celebrate the impeccable Time Lordy dress and colour sense…)

2 1 5 3 4 1-5

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Icons #13—a batch of 31

*blows on dust*

I KNOW. I haven't made icons in forever and some of those have been sitting forlornly on the back of my computer for weeks months probably, actually. But I found myself poking at those again recently, and I figured I might as well share them… so there you go :)

Half on the Three era (Four and Five will follow sometime in the far-off future if I can gather the motivation), half random new!Who, mostly a ton of River. Oh, and the first three are because I once entertained the thought of doing a "one episode, one icon" thing. That did not last long XD

Enjoy! (And forgive the occasional glaring flaw.)

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Icons #12—a batch of 18

Look, there be icons! I know it took forever but at least I got to that Second Doctor post EVENTUALLY. Here they are: Two, Ben, Polly, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe and the Brig. Snag if you like and credit flowsoffire or eyes_afire pretty please, let me know if you like/which you like best, etc. They are nothing much but I had fun making them. Now I can move on to Three, though it should be slow as always.

18 usual icons, 18 b&w alternates because old!Who is a thing :)

1 2 16 4 61-5

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Icons #11—a batch of 19

God! I thought I'd never get around to posting those. Well, the initial plan was a big batch of all companions for One, Two and Three. That… *laughs* did not happen. Yet. But I'm honestly getting so sick of things lagging, I decided I might as well show my One icons now, and the rest will come sometime later. It's been five months since I last posted icons, for god's sake =P

Without further ago, here goes:

1) Better 2) Better 3) Better 5) Better 4) Better 1-5

6) Better 7) Better 8) Better 9) Better 10) Better 6-10

11) Better 12) Better 13) Better 14) Better 15) Better 11-15

Just in case some of you like the good old black and white better, here are b&w alternates:

1) B&W 2) B&W 3) B&W 5) B&W 4) B&W 1-5

6) B&W 7) B&W 8) B&W 9) B&W 10) B&W 6-10

11) B&W 12) B&W 13) B&W 14) B&W 15) B&W 11-15

And these were made as special gifts for irishvampire13 and a_phoenixdragon:

19 16 18 17

Well, here goes. Enjoy =) Please drop me a comment if you like them and wish to take any of them, and you can credit flowsoffire or eyes_afire if needed. Thanks :)

Icons #9—a batch of 25

Here comes part 2 of 3 of my battle with the lovely universaldogma :) 24 of series 7, plus one Clara icon from the s8 trailer because too pretty—and I love the darker, more adult look of Clara on some parts. Claraaaaa.

I feel the need to apologize for #15 because I tried to make a complex icon, and I guess one must start somewhere. XD Besides, yeah. Enjoy! Comments are loved and treasured—do tell me your favourites, that's always interesting to know :D Credit if you take, blah blah blah. Thank you!

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Icons #8—a batch of 25

I was planning to make a much bigger icon post (80-icon battle with the lovely universaldogma, cut into two batches, that was the idea), but I've been kind of blocked and kind of lazy for a while now, so I figure posting a little batch and then starting afresh with a new one might help. Or not. Idk. XD I've been sitting on those long enough anyway. Here you go with 25 half-arsed icons, Eleven era, hope you like them ;P

1) Better 2) Better 3) Better 4) Better 5) Better 1-5

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